CONTEMPORARY Australian Artist


11 - 23 December 2017

Gallows Gallery

NUANCE brings together two like-minded artists bothgreatly influenced by the important women in their lives.

Sculptor Britt Mikkelsen and Painter Vania Lawson have worked together for over 20 years in commercial, public art and design realms. With their combined interest in texture, light and nature within their practices, they have united to create an exhibition influenced by the important women in their lives, spanning three generations.

Vania recently inherited her mother’s oil paints and has since reignited her love of the medium. Her mother Valerie Lawson, was a talented painter in her own right having exhibited at the Royal Academy in London.  Her legacy has inspired a body of reflective paintings that explore inner landscapes as much as real ones.  Vania’s artworks play with distinct light and texture, inspired by the ever changing movement of weather conditions. She builds up multiple layers of colour, to evoke movement and depth in a cyclical process to produce the final image.

NUANCE explores raw emotions through nature. From the deeply reflective, to the whimsical and joyous, this exhibition pays homage to three generations of creativity and knowledge. Nuance runs from 11 – 23 December at the Gallows Gallery.

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